Geo-Spatial Design Transformation

Disruptive Geo-Spatial Construction Design management Solution

Our groundbreaking Construction Design management solution empowers and delights designers by providing them with a rich, geospatial digital representation of the construction and network design. The powerful digital conversion algorithm then creates a series of sequenced and dependent work tasks, ready for Technician Dispatch resulting in a record time network delivery. Truth-based scheduling automatically assigns the best technician for each job, ensuring customers receive high-quality service every time. 

Capture real-time network changes

Live update to digital design as planned tickets move to Completed

Automated Digital Tasks Generation

Design algorithm generates sequenced tasks with mapping dependencies.

Digital AS-Builts

Auto-Generation of digital As-Builts and digital redline report.

Geo-Spatial Construction Product Highlights

Project Dashboard
Single view to the entire project with ticket information, tech performance, project completion rate, and jeopardy management
Geo-Spatial Design Management
Transform Geo-Spatial Construction Plans into workable assets plotted on Google maps and Auto-Generation of planned tickets for completion.
Auto Scheduling & Dispatch
Auto-Schedule Tickets based on Skills, Priority, Distance, and Performace. Dispatch tickets to technicians Automatically, schedule milk-runs, or manual dispatch using an intuitive dashboard.
WorkOrder Management
Provides seamless real-time ticket information from the field to the back office.
Digital As-Builts
Digitize your as-built with real-time as-built data and digital redline markups. Up to date live design ensuring all technicians are working on the latest and most updated network design.
Business Rule Workflow
Power of customization by using integrated rules engine empowering organizations to create rules as task level as per business needs.
Payments And Invoicing
Project-wise schedule of rates and Bill of Material tracked with each activity performed on the field, ensuring accurate and single-click approval for all jobs constructed.

Geo-Spatial Construction Design Capabilities

Real-Time Design Updates from the field as per completion.
Auto Sequenced Ticket Generation for Planned assets
Configurable Rules Engine Based on Project Dependencies
Comprehensive Analytics with Visualization
Move asset to create variation for approval
Colour coded tickets based on work order status
Design plotted on real-time maps with multi layers
REST APIs for Seamless Integration to Legacy